Frequently Asked Questions

What does the program do?

Somatotype provides an easy-to-use interface for the management of somatotype data. The program is wizard based, which means you are helped through each step in the complicated processes. A wizard also makes it easy to enter profiles into a document during the measurement process.

“Somatotype – Calculation and Analysis is a comprehensive, user-friendly program that has excellent input-output, calculation, analysis and display features, making it the program of choice for anyone doing somatotype calculations and analysis.” Lindsay Carter

The major focus of Somatotype is improving access to data from major anthropometric studies. The Somatotype document is an example of this focus.

  • Documents can be combined quickly by selecting cases into a new document, simplifying cross-institutional collaboration.
  • They are small files that can be transported quickly and easily by email or other electronic means.
  • Data stored in a document can be exported easily for complex manipulation, and then re-imported.

In addition, Somatotype has report output in PDF (Portable Document Format) that is supported by free viewers on each of the three major computer platforms. This format offers Somatotype high quality printing and graphics as well as the ability to include reports in web sites.

Where can I download the user guide?

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Where can I download text file templates for importing my data into Somatotype?

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How do I find out more about somatotyping and the Heath-Carter Anthropometric Somatotyping Method?

The most comprehensive source of information about somatotyping is at