Full screen scripting in LiveCode for Lion/Mountain Lion

When using LC on my ML MBPro I long for an immersive full screen scripting environment just like I use in Xcode. I thought that Jerry Daniels new Glass project might help but just like GLX it’s just too different for me to justify spending the time getting familiar with. The LC Script editor works and I have some integrated plugins etc that I can’t really do without. Anyway… to  cut a long story short I made just about the simplest plugin ever and it gives me 99% of what I want. HEre’s the script:
on preOpenStack
   set the style of stack "revMenubar" to "modeless"  -- stops the toolbar overlapping the SE
   set the windowBoundingRect to the working screenrect -- let's you maximise the SE
end preOpenStack
Put this in a stack script in the plugins folder and run it wen LC starts up.
Once run then
– edit a script
– 4 finger down swipe to bring up mission control
– drag the SE window to another space… over to the right on top of the + sign if you need a new one
– go to the space and maximise the SE
From then on you SE window will be in the other space and you can 4 finger swipe left/ right to get to it and anything that causes a script edit in the stack screen will switch you to the SE screen.
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