Huge mergExt update

Today we have a massive update to the mergExt suite of externals.

NEW: mergGK ($49) has been released. This is the first crowd sourced external developed for the LiveCode community. The external implements player authentication, leaderboards, achievements and challenges. It also implements peer-to-peer bluetooth and wifi messaging. There’s more to implement with Game Center matches so the crowd funding is still open for those features. Thanks goes to those who were involved in funding this project.

NEW mergAWS ($49) has been released and is focussed on Amazon Web Services. The initial release supports SimpleDB.

NEW: mergCL ($39) has been released that allows your app to receive notifications when the user enters or exits a specified geographic region or moves a significant distance. This external requires the removal of the exits on suspend key from the app plist file. You app is woken in the background whenever any of these events occur and you can send a local notification to get the user to bring it to the foreground.

mergAES 1.1.2 has been released and now also includes 128 bit, ECB and encrypt with key/iv options.

mergMK 1.1.3 has been released resolving a bug with setting the user tracking mode of the map.

These new additions to the suite take the total value to $757 and you can access it all for $299 for a year of updates or $79 for the first month and $20 per month ongoing.