mergSocial released – post to facebook. twitter and sina weibo

Today I have released a new external for iOS called mergSocial. This one allows you to present a modal dialog for posting to facebook. twitter and sina weibo using the standard iOS 6 interface. The external allows you to specify some initial text, a list of images and a list of urls to post. With the release of this external mergTwitter will be deprecated as mergSocial on iOS 5 will use the Twitter framework to post to twitter. The external also includes the deprecated mergTwitter syntax or backwards compatibility. All this is nicely wrapped up for you into a single function to check if the service is available and a single command to present the view. Make some Objective-C coders jealous and add this to your app in 2 minutes. Here I’ll write the code for you:
on touchEnd
  mergSocial “facebook”,”Isn’t this app cool!”,,<your app store url here>
end touchEnd
You will want to use mergSocialIsAvailableForServiceType(“facebook”) somewhere in your openCard handler to work out if you should enable that button. That’s it!
mergSocial is available for purchase from for $29 or as part of the iOS suite of externals. The price for the suite is doubling next week but you still have a chance to lock in the current pricing.
More information here: