Dropbox, AES encryption and camera control added to mergExt

Today I have released two new externals and a huge update to an existing external. Now the suite contains a total of 15 iOS externals and 1 custom control (DropTool).

The new externals are:
– mergDropbox 1.0 which fully implements the Dropbox SDK on iOS including search, revisions, delta, thumbnails, upload, download and more. Everything is asynchronous which means your users can do other things in your app while files are downloading etc.
– mergAES 1.0 which implements the AES 256 encryption on iOS.

The major update is mergAV 2.0 which now includes a camera control that you can use to capture a still image or record video to a file from the front or back camera.

These externals have been added to the mergExt suite which also includes MapKit, document interaction, action sheets, PDF reader, external accessories, iAd, Settings app, tweet and barcode reading. You can purchase the suite from http://mergext.com or the RunRev store.