revObjective 1.1 released!

A new behavior script and custom control manager plugin for Revolution.

Features include:

  • Adds an object placing menu button to the tools palette for both revObjective and standard Revolution object libraries.
  • Add, Delete, Clone, Place, Edit Script, Edit Controls, Name, Describe, Author, Version your custom controls.
  • Drag and drop objects onto your stacks from the object list.
  • Drag and drop revObjective files to and from the object list to share.
  • Searches stacks during standalone building and finds revObjective behaviors and copies over the behavior scripts in a way that is not file path dependant.
  • Packaged with revObjective are MacOS X Search Field, Integer Field, Decimal Number Field and Placeholder Text Field

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This plugin is donationware. If you decide it fits into your workflow then please consider donating to encourage further development. [mp:id=6]